Shall We Dance?
Hanayamata - 01 02.12
Sharu Wi Dansu?
Storyboard Mamoru Kanbe
Episode Director Atsuko Ishizuka
Animation Director Toshi Ōkuni
Japanese Air Date

July 7, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
Insert Song Signal of Solitude
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← First Episode Jealousy Rose

Shall We Dance? (シャル・ウィ・ダンス? Sharu Wi Dansu?) is the first episode of Hanayamata anime series. The episode premiered on July 7, 2014.


Naru Sekiya is a middle school girl who, besides a fascination with fairy tales, considers herself average in almost every regard, particularly in comparison to her friend Yaya Sasame, who is the drummer in an amateur band.

One day after returning home from library where she return her book, Naru was requested by her father to send a gift to Tami's house. Whilst walking home from an errand late at night, Naru comes across a blonde haired girl dancing in the moonlight, believing her to be a fairy and asking her to take her to another world. The girl invites Naru to dance with her, but Naru isn't confident enough and runs off, inadvertently taking a paddle with her. Meanwhile, Yaya was walking home when the girl Naru met earlier leaps off the cliff at the railroad and lands on Yaya while escaping the police, who caught her doing dangerous act.

The next day, the girl, who turns out to be an American transfer student named Hana N. Fountainstand, starts asking Naru if she would like to partake in yosakoi with her, but Naru is too intimidated by her forwardness and rejects her. Hana chases Naru throughout the school and this draws the attention of everyone towards Naru. Sometime later, Naru is reading at the library when she is followed by Hana from behind. Naru, still reluctant rejects Hana's request to join her dancing, but Hana tells Naru that she is free to let the former know if she wants to dance.

The next day, as Hana continues to try and find members for a yosakoi club, she explains to Naru that even though she's having no luck in finding any members, she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a true yosakoi dancer because it is her decision. Naru laments that she has no such interests to speak of and considers herself empty, but Hana tells her that it simply means she has plenty of room to discover new things. Moved by her words and admitting she had fun dancing with her, Naru offers to help Hana recruit members for her club and becomes friends with her.


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Major EventsEdit

  • Hana N. Fountainstand transfers to Naru Sekiya's school, Yuihama Middle School.
  • Naru accepts Hana's offer to dance Yosakoi and recruiting members to join the club.

Adapted FromEdit

  • Hanayamata Chapter 1
  • Hanayamata Chapter 2
  • Hanayamata Chapter 3
  • Hanayamata Chapter 4



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