Machi decides to join the yosakoi club, determined to help the group get into shape before the Hanairo Festival. Tami proposes they go on a training camp at her family's hot spring inn, so the girls discuss their plans at Hana's house, where they learn she lives with her father after her parents got divorced. After everyone works to update their choreography and rōtines to include Machi, the girls head to the inn and get straight to practising. Later that night, the girls suddenly learn they've missed the registration date for the festival. Nonetheless, Machi is still determined to spend every waking minute practising so she can catch up with the others, encouraging the others to practise alongside her. Their practise soon attracts the attention of the other inn guests, who give the girls their support. The next day, Sally informs the girls that Masaru has managed to get them into the festival thanks to a team dropping out. Back at school, as Naru manages to come up with a theme for their outfits, Hana gets a call from her mother.


Machi declares that because she is joining the Yosakoi Club, she will make sure none of them slack off to avoid repeating what happened during their first outing. She suggests they buckle down and practice for the upcoming Hanairo Festival, and Tamai brings up how in times of need, people often hold Training Camps, and points out the perfect location to do so; the hot spring inn her family frequents. While Hana and Naru are excited to do this, Yaya isn't too sure. The girls decide that with Machi joining them, they need to change the choreography and music a little. In preparation for this, Hana says they should hold an after school meeting over at her place to discuss details and just get everything finalized. The girls agee, and there they meet her father.

To make sure Machi is on the same page as everyone for the weekend training camp, they get Sally to film them so Machi can watch and practice the moves. Sally of course starts taking this to a new level as she tries to get some sexual angles of the girls. Whatever the case, Machi gets the recording to watch and go over the moves.

The night before the trip, everyone is working hard: Hana with the choreography, Tami and Yaya on the music, and Naru on making the new logo for the team. Even Machi is up late working on perfecting the moves.

The girls ride a train that will lead them to the Inn. Hana reveals the narukos she brought for Machi, to match the ones everyone else has. Happily Machi holds them, realizing this makes her feel more like a true member to the Club.

Practice at the inn doesn’t go so well as they’re being quite noisy and end up having to practice outside in the heat. After going at it for a while, it’s evident Machi is struggling quite a lot with getting the moves down and insists they keep going, even though everyone else is pretty worn out. Machi is pretty stubborn about continuing, something that only Yaya is seen picking up on.

The girls decide to relax in the hot springs for a while, with Machi still upset that she hasn't been able to master yosakoi as fast as she had hoped. She leaves the bath first to retire to the room, with Naru, yaya, and Tami following soon after; with Hana remaining and accidentally over-steaming herself.

Back at the room a question occurs to Machi suddenly. She asks if they are registered for the festival and the girls realize they entirely forgot to do this. They check the webpage for the festival to learn that the registration has closed.

With hopes of making it into the festival seemingly over, Machi is still practicing hard, this time by herself outside. Everyone is pretty depressed about the whole thing and sit inside, keeping to themselves to avoid breaking out into tears. Taking a walk around the place, Sally spots Machi practicing hard, trying to be as good as everyone else, so instead of letting her practice alone in the dark, Sally tells the rest of the girls about this and they’re quite impressed and decide to join her. They’ve failed to register for the festival but they’re still having a good time and enjoying themselves; they even attract the other guests at the inn, who stop to watch them preform.

In hopes of helping her team, Sally calls someone from the Yosakoi shop, who contacts the festival organizers and learns another team has dropped out. As such, they have a spot open. 

Back at school everyone is up on the rooftop, having just finished another routine. Naru suddeny gets an idea and decides they should each wear a special patch to show unity between them. Yaya gains a rose, while Tami and Hana get a Lily and Bluestar, Naru gives herself a cherry blossom, and Machi has a sunflower.

Before the episode ends, Hana's mother is shown at the airport.




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