Japanese Air Date

September 15, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
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Hanayamata (ハナヤマタ Hanayamata), is the twelfth and last episode of the Hanayamata anime series.


As the girls practise for the festival, they give a copy of their music composition to Hana's father, inviting him to come to their performance. The next day, as the festival gets underway, the girls try to spend as much time practising before their turn to perform, noticing Naru has begun to sparkle more ever since meeting Hana. Later that day, Yaya's former bandmates pay her a little visit to encourage her. Just before their performance, Naru receives a call from Hana who, having been told about the CD from her father, managed to convince her mother to let her return to Japan to perform with her friends. With her car stuck in traffic with just half an hour until the performance, Hana rushes on foot through the town and, with help from Sally, Masaru, and a policeman, manages to make it just in time to perform alongside everyone. After a successful performance, Hana decides to try and convince her parents to let her stay in Japan, with the group making plans for their next big performance.



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