Princess, Princess
Hanayamata - 04 02.05
Purinsesu Purinsesu
Storyboard Kiyoko Sayama
Episode Director Hiroya Saitō
Animation Director Yōsuke Kikuchi, Mihoko Ōkawa
Japanese Air Date

July 28, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
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Girls Style First Step
Princess, Princess (プリンセス・プリンセス Purinsesu Purinsesu?) is the fourth episode of Hanayamata anime series. The episode premiered on July 28, 2014.


Hana feels frustrated after Machi against her and Naru not to use the rooftop to practice Yosakoi dancing. As Tami helps the others with their situation, Hana contemplates inviting her to join the yosakoi club.

Tami is later revealed to be a busy student, having a lot of agenda in her schedule, ranging from Student Council meeting to sending gift to Naru. Later that night, Naru accompanies Tami back home, mentioning how Hana and Yaya helped give her the courage to move forward while telling Tami that she always admires her and treat her as her princess. As soon as Tami get home, Tami wears on her kimono and welcome her father home as usual.

The next day, Machi seeing Tami telling her that she is doing things in order to make her father happy, tells the latter to spend time doing the things she love instead. Naru and Hana show Tami their yosakoi and upon seeing her ballet skills, ask her to join the club. However, Tami feels obligated to her current lessons and turns them down, believing joining the club would disappoint her father and this makes Naru and Hana worry about Tami. One rainy day, Tami and Machi had a talk with each other with Machi advise Tami, tells her that she is able to decide the thing she wants and the thing that makes her happy.

As Tami becomes more conflicted, having given up many things she loved for the sake of becoming a proper woman to make her father happy, she runs home in the rain only to be caught up by Naru, who then comforts her, wanting to help her and be by her side, giving Tami the courage to talk with her father about what she truly wants.


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  • Naru convinced Tami not to try everything to make her father be proud of her, but to something she want by her own.

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