First Step
Hanayamata - 05 02.16
Fāsuto Suteppu
Storyboard Hiroyasu Aoki
Episode Director Kotono Watanabe
Animation Director Kokunen Ou
Japanese Air Date

August 4, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
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Princess, Princess Try, Try. Try

First Step (ファースト・ステップ Fāsuto Suteppu?) is the fifth episode of Hanayamata anime series. The episode premiered on August 4, 2014.


After Tami joins the yosakoi club, the group manage to convince Yaya to join in name only, allowing the club to become official with Sally as their advisor.

Tami then successfully persuades Machi who then approves to give them a place to practice their Yosakoi dance. Hana later brings Naru, Tami and Yaya to the club room, but the club seems to be lack of the equipment needed to dance plus Tami and Naru knows little about the Yosakoi dance, so Hana brings Naru and the others to the Yosakoi shop Hana and Naru visited before and buy Narukos for Yaya and Tami. Later, the girls decide to attend a yosakoi festival being held in Shōnan as their first club activity while eating Ramen at Yaya's home.

The next day, Sari and the girls boarded an electric train to Shōnan. While being there, there is still some time until the performance, Yaya and Tami spend some time getting to know each other, with Tami explaining how Naru taught her it's more fun to spend time with others than by oneself. Meanwhile, Hana and Naru spend time sitting together enjoying snacks they bought from the food stall at the venue and Sari spends time with Masaru in a cafe drinking coffee.

Soon afterwards, Sari tells the girls to assemble back at the venue as the festival gets underway, with Masaru also taking part. After watching many team performing, the girls pay close attention to another middle school yosakoi team that Masaru had helped out, inspiring Naru and the others to aim for the Hanairo Festival. 


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  • The Yosakoi Club has been officially formed with Sari Tokiwa as advisor

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