Try, Try, Try
Hanayamata - 06 03.09
Torai Torai Torai
Storyboard Hiroyuki Shimazu
Episode Director Akira Shimizu
Animation Director Hiroki Saitō, Mariko Gotō
Japanese Air Date

August 11, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
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First Step Girl Identity

Try, Try, Try (トライ・トライ・トライ Torai Torai Torai?) is the sixth episode of Hanayamata anime series. The episode premiered on August 11, 2014.


Naru's father becomes curious after observing how Naru's character has changed lately.

As the girls are tasked with coming up with a concept for their club, Naru, upon hearing from her father about how flowery she has become lately, decides to base her concept around flowers. Having decided on Naru's theme, Hana asks Sally for permission to perform at a department store event. Sally agrees on the condition that the club both show the results of their yosakoi practice and score high enough in their exams.

Despite studying hard, Hana alone falls short on her exam results, upsetting her greatly. Encouraged by the others not to give up, Hana continues to work hard on both yosakoi and improving her worse subjects. Sometime later, Yaya and her bandmates then participates in the first round audition.

When their class expresses interest in yosakoi, the girls put on an improvised performance. Admiring the effort Hana and the others put in, Sally approves of their department event and decides to become a bit more active as their advisor. Meanwhile, Yaya and her bandmates are shocked to learn they did not pass their audition. 


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Major EventsEdit

  • Naru comes up with the concept and theme of the Yosakoi club.
  • Hans fails the exam.
  • Sally approves the club performance at the department event.
  • Yaya and her bandmates failed the audition.

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