Mission: Event
Hanayamata - 08 02.26
Misshon Ibento
Storyboard Atsuko Ishuduka, Manato Nakazono
Episode Director Hideki Hosokawa
Animation Director Masaki Hinata
Japanese Air Date

August 25, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
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Girl Identity Sister Complex
Mission: Event (ミッション・イベント Misshon Ibento?) is the eighth episode of Hanayamata anime series. The episode premiered on August 25, 2014.


Naru and Tami start exercising to try and lose weight in time for the event, though they soon learn the extra weight is because of stronger muscles. Meanwhile, Yaya uses her musical know-how to arrange Tami's composition, helping the girls focus on their choreography. On the day of the event, the group discover Sally had accidentally put the CD they need in her personal bag, so she sends her sister, who turns out to be Machi, to bring it to them in time for their performance. As the girls step up on stage to perform, with Machi invited to spectate, Naru starts to panic when the group starts falling off tempo and ends up messing up when she is reminded of a traumatic elementary school event.


One week away from their first performance show, Naru and her friends their practicing hard, doing the Yosakoi dance with Yaya finally being part of the Yosakoi club in earnest. Sally is also getting into the whole yosakoi thing a lot more, especially after last week where she started getting the girl to wear cat ears and tails. She’s also really into the yosakoi thing, more so that Yaya is with the team too. Sally makes a comment though regarding Naru and Tami’s thighs that really discourage them into thinking they’ve gained weight.

Yaya has been up to with a remix of Tami’s piano version of the Opening they used to do the dance in the classroom, fleshing it out and making it sound so much better. Back on the training front, Hana points out that maybe Naru and Tami haven’t gotten fat, but rather the weight they’ve gained is actually muscle from all the training they’ve been doing. The following week, the girls practicing on the way home, at home, at work and just in they day to day lives to make sure everything is perfect. The day before the event , after they finish practicing the routine once final time, Naru is still looking quite nervous, something that Yaya notices. In the Student Council room, Tami and Machi talk over a few snacks and cookies. Tami is really looking forward to this and wants Machi to be there as well, so see all the hard work she’s been doing pay off. Tami also mentions that Sally will be there as well, something that Machi reacts too because Machi and Sally were sisters.

The night before ,Naru as she nervously tries to get to sleep and not think about the big event tomorrow. She then has a dream. A dream that scares her. A dream of her elementary school days during a cheerleader routine. She’s fallen down and is crying, yet no one stops to help her up, they just keep dancing and leave her there. Yaya is also there and looks very upset about this, but doesn’t leave her position near the back of the group to go help her. It’s a scary dream and she fears it’s something that might happen again during this performance. The second half of the epsode is the crisis part. They scramble to get the train to the city, reach the department store to find it not exactly like they expect, check in at the front desk but as they are filling out the forms, Naru comes to the horrible realization that she doesn’t have the music. Through a process of elimination they come to the conclusion that it’s actually Sally’s fault they don’t have the music because she was the last person to be holding the CD before placing it in her work bag, which she didn’t bring with her.

Machi arrives on the scene sometime later and send the CD brought by her sister Sally; it also comes as a huge surprise to everyone that both Machi and Sally are actually related. Tami’s talks with Machi about the Yosakoi club, she’s seen them trying so hard to get their club recognized, she’s seen the determination of them all, but she hasn’t seen them dance yet. Machi chose to stay and watch, even if she’s not on good terms with her older sister, Sally, and has more important things to do, like studying for tests.

So the time for the actual performance arrives. Everyone is nervous. Yaya’s legs are shaking. Tami’s heart’s pounding. Naru is remembering the past. Hana’s face is bright pink. But nerves aside it’s their turn now. Do or die, win or lose they’re dancing the yosakoi on that stage for not only everyone who’s come to watch, but for Sally and especially Machi. Things start off shaky though, Naru missed the opening move but she recovers and is able to keep pace with everyone else. Things are going smoothly but suddenly Naru and Hana are out of step! Things quickly fall apart as Hana and Tami bump into each other trying to catch up, but it’s too late and Naru ends up falling down because she is haunted by her elementary school traumatic event.

Character AppearancesEdit

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Major EventsEdit

  • The Yosakoi Club finally stand and perform onstage at public for the first time.

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