Hanayamata Volume 1
Book 978-4-8322-4089-6
Type Manga
ISBN ISBN 978-4-8322-4089-6
Release Date December 12, 2011
Publisher Houbunsha / Manga Time KR Comics
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The first tankobon volume of Hanayamata manga series was published on December 12, 2011.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Normal in look, normal in brain, in arts and physics……even in everything, she's normal. That normality is the days of the 14 years old, Naru Sekiya. She admired to be a "heroine" in her every normal days, and in a night the moon lit she encountered a fairylike foreign girl, and led to step into an abnormal life of the world of "Yosakoi"――。


Chapter 1: Shall We Dance?

Forward 2011-06
Serialization Volume June 2011
Serialization Release April 23, 2011
Reference/s [1]

It was a full moon night.
That night, a girl wearing her school uniform saw a beautiful blonde-haired girl with some sort of traditional clothes dancing in the roof, and she only able to watch the girl―"just like... a fairy."

Naru Sekiya, standing in the gymnasium with her face down, could not do anything but watch her friend, Yaya Sasame, earn the achievement for her literary competition. The way home, Yaya eventually have to part with Naru because her band activities.


Chapter 2: Rock You

Forward 2011-07
Serialization Volume July 2011
Serialization Release May 23, 2011
Reference/s [2]


Chapter 3: Come Here, Demon

Forward 2011-08
Serialization Volume August 2011
Serialization Release June 24, 2011
Reference/s [3]


Chapter 4: Towards the Applause

Forward 2011-09
Serialization Volume September 2011
Serialization Release July 23, 2011
Reference/s [4]


Chapter 5: Operation!!

Forward 2011-11
Serialization Volume November 2011
Serialization Release September 24, 2011
Reference/s [5]


Chapter 6: My Neighbor Yakuza-san

Forward 2011-12
Serialization Volume December 2011
Serialization Release October 24, 2011
Reference/s [6]


Character AppearancesEdit

By order of appearances:

Licensed ReleasesEdit

Manga Vol1 Chinese
Language Chinese
Release Date April 20, 2013
Product Code EAN 4717702254483
Publisher SPP Qīngnián Guǎn
Reference/s [7]
Publisher's Summary


(direct translation from Houbunsha's Japanese summary)

Hanayamata vol. 01
Manga Vol1 Indonesian
Language Indonesian
Release Date July 16, 2014
Product Code ISBN 978-6-0202-4567-6
Publisher Elex Media Komputindo
Reference/s [8]
Publisher's Summary

Naru, si gadis pemalu yang biasa-biasa saja selalu mengidolakan kehidupan yang berkilauan seperti dalam dongeng. Seorang peri dari Amerika memberinya jalan untuk itu: mari menari yosakoi bersama-sama [9]

Naru, a shy girl who has a normal life always admire a shiny life like in fairy tales. Then a fairy from the United States gives her a way for it: let's dance yosakoi together.




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