Sari Tokiwa
常盤 沙里
Tokiwa Sari
Age 24
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Megumi Toyoguchi
English Voice Molly Searcy
Anime Hanayamata Episode 1

Sari Tokiwa (常盤 沙里 Tokiwa Sari?) is Naru Sekiya's homeroon teacher and Machi Tokiwa's older sister. She is nicknamed as "Sally-sensei" (サリー先生?) by her students. She is the advisor of the Yosakoi Club.


Sari has brown, shoulder-length hair with a few wavy strands and brown eyes. She resembles her younger sister Machi.


Sari is laid-back teacher, and since she is so young, students usually goes to her to talk about personal matters. Sari can be childish, but also serious and determined. She has a very kind heart.




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